About Tattwic Tides:


Tattwic Tides was organized to help all those who come into our space with tools that will assist them to move forward in the energy that this planet is shifting into.


It is a safe place to meet and share with like minded people. We use simple tools and have simple rules. We open up to many modalities.  If it doesn’t fit in your space, we ask that you release it without Shame, Blame or Judgment.  If it isn’t your truth, it could be someone else’s. We all need to honor each other’s truth. We do abide by these rules.


To the best of our ability we move forward in Integrity, Truth and Unconditional Love!  We choose to keep this space a safe and sacred space.  To keep this commitment for the highest good of all who come, as a whole, we will choose to focus on positive tools and energy!


Tattwic Tides Gathering was created by Judy Thatcher, Grandmother Judy, in 2000. She held the gathering in various homes. As it grew they eventually found the Safety Consortium Building and started holding the gatherings there.  In 2008, Grandmother Judy decided that it was time to step down and retire from leading the group.  She mentored Laurie Robinson and Marty Cooke in becoming the Co-Leaders of this Wonderful gathering of Beautiful Souls!


We (Marty and Laurie) have honored and carried on Judy’s traditions and structure of holding this Gathering. Judy continues to mentor us and share her unique wisdom.


This is what Judy held as the meaning and vision of Tattwic Tides:

The term “Tattwa” is the Hindu word for vibration. Each level of consciousness has its own vibration or Tattwa.  The rhythms and flow of energies both in the human body and the universe are the “Tattwic Tides”.



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